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LEAVES’ EYES “THE WAKING EYE” VIDEO CLIP PREMIERE Liv Kristine: “We are proud to present our brand new videoclip, ‘The Waking Eye’! It was filmed at several locations in Norway and Germany. Moreover, our son Leon plays the role of the child king Harald, while Alex performs as the grown up Harald Fairhair, the first king of Norway. I’m proud of my two Vikings!” Alex Krull adds: “For the battle we recruited a horde of Vikings from several Viking groups: Værjaborg, Franci Saravi, Blodorn, Blodhvitnir and Ziu Zynir. As the battle was going on, Rainer “ZIPP” Fränzen and his team  more…

Leaves’ Eyes „ROAD TO KING OF KINGS“ documentary online


Dear fans and friends, this is the first part of our „ROAD TO KING OF KINGS“ documentary! Enjoy watching!


“KING OF KINGS” Guest musicians: Kathrin Schlumpf

Kathrin harp

  Dear fans and friends, lovely Kathrin Schlumpf plays the harps on the album “King of Kings” which were recorded in Switzerland. The Japanese Bonus track comes with a special acoustic harp version of “King of Kings” which turned out absolutely amazing. “This is one of my fave tracks!” states Liv, “I love the way the harp is played on the “King of Kings” theme. We decided to re-record the vocals for all the acoustic bonus songs, as they sound very special and demanded a different approach of instrumentation and singing.”


“KING OF KINGS” Guest musicians: Oliver Palotai


  Dear fans and friends, we are very happy to announce our special guest for the piano version of “The Waking Eye” which is one of the excellent bonus tracks of the 2CD Mediabook Limited Edition: Our long time friend Oliver Palotai from Kamelot! “I had the honor to arrange and record the piano version of “The Waking Eye” for Leaves’ Eyes. It turned out to be one of the most beautiful songs I ever worked on. I always knew Liv to be a great singer, but her performance here just left me speechless. She was easily flowing along to  more…


Metal hammer studio report from “KING OF KINGS”

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